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Indwelling Peace of the Heart is that sparkle, the common golden stream that connects all humankind. Recognizing that the only enemy any of us has is fear, I realize that the only way we open to healing between people is by knowing those - and that - which we fear, and finding what we share in common – like the peace that dwells in all hearts. My Vision.

Monday, November 27, 2006

International Peace Day Report

What a joy is to share this report with you!

International Peace Day (IPD), September 21st happened this year a day before the Hebrew New Year begins and 3 days before the Holly Month of Ramadan starts so it was double/triple reason to celebrate, especially after extreme hectic summer we all experienced only short time ago.

Bridges of Peace open IPD events earlier that week with the NIR Elementary school pupils. The members of the school Peace Committee declared the whole week to be a week of peace, no fights, no violence – verbal nor physic. 32 pupils of six to twelve years old promote the idea in over than 20 classes in the school, also spoke to other family members. For the whole week they committed themselves to promote the idea, knowing that peace is something we all have in our hearts. September 21st was a full success, no fights and high awareness of what is taking place in the school yard, pupils realized there are other ways to communicate rather than violence… I believe former habits are still stronger but as the whole idea of IPD – one day at the time…

On September 20th I was invited to talk about IPD and present Peace Pole Project in Rosh Pina. That was very emotional time for us all as during last summer events I spent time with the town children while horrifying rockets falling around, loud blood freezing sirens sounds, we stayed in the shelters; some of the kids remembered me – this time it was happy re-union – out of the shelters. During the ceremony I was pleasantly obliged to deliver 1000 Paper Cranes folded by the children in my home town Kiryat Ono for the children of Rosh Pina. During the summer the kids in my neighborhood heard about the visits with the children in the shelters, as they couldn’t join me they decided – all by themselves, to take action come folding together 1000 paper cranes devoting them to the children in the shelters. What a beautiful way to express empathy! Don’t you think?

September 21st, IPD, I woke up very early knowing that special opportunity was given to me to meditate and perform the Sacred IN’s as well as Encoring the Ultimate Light, along the border between Israel and Lebanon, things are not yet quite peaceful in there, not yet anyway…I drove along the border to stop in several spots are more sensitive than others. As you may guess, this special mission is very demanding; on one hand it is full healing and great comfort, same time it drains energy emotionally and physically so I needed to revive myself somewhere. The perfect place was at the most beautiful park along the Dan River where fresh water runs – what a healing! Great opportunity to express infinite gratitude to the water! While quiescent on the grass, grounding my ‘whole’ self, I received special blessing visit; a group of thousands of cranes, (no paper! the real thing ;-), landed in close by filed, it is now this marvelous time in the year when they stopover here during immigrating, escaping European winter to Africa warmth.

Later in the afternoon we had our special ceremony, again in Rosh Pina, planting Peace Pole and having all nations Peace Prayers Ceremony with the flags of all nations. Over than 40 people came together from different parts of the country to commemorate the day, knowing the magnitude of celebrating peace at this place, this special time and together with the entire humanity in nations all around Mother Earth.

Still IPD festival didn’t over as yet… few days ago the students of Kiryat Ono High School planted tens of beautifully decorated Pin Wheels in the school yard. It was directed by the English teaching and as part of the teaching… the students wrote prayers, blessings and wishes in English, decorated it and planted it in the central school square for everybody to see it. So you see, even teaching ‘foreign’ (for us in here…) language can be used to promote peace!

I leave you for now with the Hebrew traditional blessing for this time of the year and towards the Yom Kippur (Atonement Day) “GMAR HATIMA TOVA”, remembering it is soul research time when we judged for our deeds to be signed in the book of life or the other one… and for our brothers and sisters are celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan I wish you Ramadan Karim! May all children of God able to celebrate together any day, any place for the purpose that brings us together – the Universal Peace Annunciation! Imagine it happens! Right here! Right now!

In Oneness and infinite loving gratitude - Hagit.



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